Throughout the history of Fairport, a series of business have occupied the site of the The Box Factory.

Deland Chemical Works

Founded in 1852 by Daniel B. DeLand, D.B. DeLand & Co. manufactured Soda and Saleratus from crude alkali which was imported from Europe. When Daniel died in 1872, he was succeeded by his brother, Henry, and the firm became known as H.A. DeLand & Co.

As described in Asher & Adams 1876 Pictorial Atlas of American Industry:

“The works occupy an area of ground measuring between four and five acres; the buildings are largely two and three story structures, many of the built of wood. The capacity of the works is from twenty to twenty-fiv tons of Soda and Saleratus per diem… They have a box and barrel shop… where the cases are made in which the goods are packed for shipment, and large warehouses, and storage building for the porper shelter of crude materials and refined manufacture. A magnificent steam engine of fifty horse power supplies the motor, and the establishment furnishes constant employment to from one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and fifty persons.

“Their specialties are Sup.  Carbonate of Soda, Best Chemical Saleraus, Baking Powder, Cream of Tartar, Sal Soda and Dome Stove Polish…

“The shipments of the firm are principally directed to the West and Southwestern sections of the country…”

The company was well regarded and prosperous, with sales of over $517,000 in 1874.

In 1882, Levi DeLand purchased the company from his uncle. Although  Levi had raised money to expand the capacity of the local fire department, the frozen water in the canal proved to be little help in fighting the fire of February, 1893.


Douglas Packing Company / Douglas-Pectin Corporation

In 1907 Robert Douglas bought the fire damaged DeLand Chemical Works and formed the Douglas Packing Company, which soon became the seventh largest producer of vinegar in the United States. As a by-product of the vinegar production, Douglas discovered a way to isolate pectin from the pulp of the apples in 1912. Despite two fires, four years apart, Douglas rebuilt and expanded his company into the Douglas-Pectin Corporation. The production of his patented “Certo” reached over 15 million bottles a year.

The company was sold to General Foods in 1928, for 29 million dollars, and relocated.


The Neun Company

The building remained vacant until July of 1948, when president G.L. Neun relocated his company here. Their corrugated, folding and set-up boxes were produced at this site until 1981, when the building were sold to the Fairport Urban Renewal Agency. The building was leased to Mike Hanna and James Woods, who had bought the inventory and machines of the liquidated Neun Company. After the 1983 manufacturing fire, the company relocated to Main Street, using this facility as a warehouse. In 1985 still another fire destroyed the warehouse.


The Box Factory

The present owners, The Box Factory Partners, submitted an acceptable proposal to the Fairport Urban Renewal Agency. Their plan to redevelop and resotre the severely damaged building into a mixed us office and retail center has once revitalized this prominent landmark location on the Erie Canal.

History courtesy of:
  • Bernadette McDonnough, Village of Fairport Historian
  • Susan Roberts, Town of Perinton Historian




Accent Hair and Nail - 145


Accent Home Services - 200K


Al Johnson - 200I


Allstate Insurance - 400H


Avery Marketing - 314

(585) 377-1520

Barone Law Office - 250


Campanella Law Office - 200B

(585) 377-4004

Cardinal Sports Imaging - 140


Casa Associates - 130


CCA Recruiting - 200A


The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) - 110


Ciminello, PLLC - IPA - 400B


Dr. Joseph DelGrosso - 400G

(585) 678-5095

Edge Advertising Group - 220


Fairport Chamber of Commerce - 107

(585) 586-9840

Fairport Partnership - 105


Gravity Pool/Gizmo Audio - 330


Harmony House Ministries - 330D


Ice Cream Factory - 106


Ideas & Dreams - 400A


Ingalls Planning & Design - 200G


Integra Networks - 400D


Jackie Hylton - 200F


Jennifer J. Gresh - 400J


JLB Systems - 130B

(585) 377-2440

John Gonzales - 200E


Kevin DiPaolo - 200J


KVH Media - 400G


Mary Kay Consultant - 400E


Murray Illustrated - 400C


NXT Media - 300


Outside the Box Art Gallery - 104


Plant Paradise - 400I


Publicare Marketing - 320


Quality Systems, LLC - 400N


Raymond James - 400W


Sarah Stein - 200J


Sharp Notions, LLC - 205


Sweet Melissa - 400U


Synchronoss - 150


TeleBill, Inc - 235


Tharon Blake Aesthetics - 315


TowerData, Inc - 230


Towpath Cafe - 120

(585) 377-0410

Tribe Wellness - 400F


Located in the heart of Fairport

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